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Nobori flags are long and narrow flags originating in Japan. Such a flag is attached to a Nobori flag pole with a cross-rod to hold the fabric straight out and prevent it from furling around the rod. In this way, the field is always visible and identifiable.

The uses of Nobori flags

Traditionally, Nobori flags were used at festivals and public entertainment events. This tradition has continued until now, and Nobori flags can be seen everywhere during important festivals or events. Also, Nobori flags have their roots in wars. Used on the battlefields of feudal Japan to denote units within an army, they were carried attached to a long pole as warriors marched into battle. During World War II, this particular Nobori flag was hung outside buildings to wish departing soldiers good fortune. Nowadays, Nobori flags are a common sight in sporting events. In car shows, there emerged increasingly more car Nobori flags. Moreover, these banners are widely used for both indoor and outdoor advertising events.

The tips for customizing Nobori flags

Nowadays, custom Nobori flags and DIY Nobori flags have become increasingly popular among both individual buyers and companies looking for promotion. For customization, several factors should be considered in advance. First, decisions should be made on the Nobori flag size. Nobori flags generally come in two sizes—full size and mini size. The larger size is more commonly used by organizers of major events, while mini Nobori flags are welcomed by individuals. Then, the material used matters too. Polyester knit fabrics that offer maximum breathability, flexibility, and strength should always be prioritized. In this way, the flags will not only look better but also perform better in the face of heavy wind, rain, and glaring sunshine. Two-layered or even triple-layered flags should be chosen to make the flags even stronger. In addition, precise printing technologies coupled with premium inks mean that high-resolution image prints are crisp and detailed even when viewed up close. With all the issues about the Nobori flag design settled, try to be as descriptive as possible in the request. It's noted that the flags chosen should be compatible with any Nobori flag stand.