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These nonwoven machines on Alibaba.com provide the means to manufacture items made of nonwoven fabric in mass and wholesale quantities. Nonwoven materials offer qualities such as being fluid-resistant, making them useful in a range of applications. There's no need for them to use yarn and they can also create fabric using recycled and repurposed materials. Some nonwovens are recyclable in turn, keeping items out of landfills and reducing waste. Other nonwovens are absorbent to soak up fluids, durable, flame-resistant and stretchable.

There are multiple types of non-woven textile machinery that use different techniques to produce fabric. Staple machines turn staple fibers into a web-like material by waylaying, air-laying or carding. They may then be thermally bonded or resin-bonded for added strength. Melt-blowing nonwoven machines melt down polymer and turn it into thin fibers which are then stretched out into a fine consistency. In the spun-laid or spun-bond process, fibers are made into a web via air jets. This technique requires less time and expense than others.

With these nonwoven manufacturing machines, a vast array of products can be manufactured. Create liquid-repellant face masks or procedure gowns to use as personal protective equipment with the machinery on Alibaba.com. Make insulation for surrounding appliances such as dishwashers, reducing the sound they give off. Nonwoven fabric also makes up many absorbent items such as diapers and hygiene products. These nonwoven machines are also suitable for making cleaning wipes, tarps and even shopping bags.

Choose the right nonwoven machine for operation from the selection available on Alibaba.com. There are different operations for the rate of production and the type of method and materials used. One will be able to find the equipment to serve the needs of a large operation or a small business.