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3.3 furnace door (slag removal hole) The furnace door is made from sectional steel and steel plate. 3.8 safety measures The furnace is set with alarm and interlock protection device. The buyer is charged at a certain rate for faults caused by faulty operations of the workers.

We are professional research and production enterprise with high-tech induction heating technology. 4.How to use your machine9 We have paper instructions in English, and we will teach till you do it well. And we provide life long time technical support, spare parts and other assistance.

Gas diesel oil Fired Aluminum melting furnace 100 ~ 500 kg Natrual Gas melting furnace for aluminum zinc lead melting 1. Melting Capacity: 150 KG ~ 1000 kg 2. Heating temperature: 1400 C The Aluminum gas melting furnace include: 1. melting furnace body, 2. crucible. aluminum gas melting furnace: 1. Input Voltage: 220V, 50/60HZ 2. Melting capaicity: 3. Melting Time: First melting time 40 minutes, Next melting time is 20 ~ 30 minues. N 150 kg Natural gas melting furnace: Gas fire aluminum lead, Zinc melting furnace Melting capacity is from 50 kg ~ 5000 kg.

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Alibaba.com offers multiple variations of. oil furnace in distinct sizes, shapes, colors, features, and furnace types such as arc furnace, drying furnace, annealing furnace, and many more. These lucrative and productive. oil furnace are perfect for steel plants and distinct manufacturing companies due to their efficacy and eco-friendliness. These products are easy to install and are low-cost when it comes to maintenance. These. oil furnace are equipped with powerful temperature resistant motors that help in optimum performance and reduce the cost of labor. 

Browse through the distinct categories of. oil furnace available at Alibaba.com and buy these products within your budget and requirements. These products are ISO, CE certified and available as OEM orders on bulk purchases. Proficient after-sales services are offered upon the purchase of these products.