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        Q: The light with the spanner and oil can light comes on my ford transit van i have given it a oil filter and oil change and topped up all fluids what could it be?
A: It be extremely simple to rebegin the petroleum lighting after you ha an petroleum changein your 2011 Ford E350 . You will just required to disconnect thebattery for up to one minute to resume the lighting . 

Q: My 2002 ford expedition oil light keeps turning on but it is full what can it be?
A: DO NOT RUN this engine till you have it inspected out , if you have no petroleum pressure you will destroy your engine . If your petroleum lighting is on you have no petroleum pressure , could be your petroleum pumping or crankshaft bearings.There is a opportunity it could be a pressure switching malfunctioning . 

Q: Is there Oil in Assiout?
A: Non synthetic petroleum is made from oil and the united statesed for lubricating in autos . Synthetic petroleum is a blending of Non-petroleum lubricants that perform better in your engine e.g . it cools better , lubricates better , and eliminatess more dirt from the system than oil derived petroleum . If you want a more in-depth answering as to what goes in them look on this site : www.penzzoil.com verify out the platinum series . But : if you are 're thinking using synthetic petroleum , Usually you ca n't use synthetic oils in automobiles with over two0 , 000 miles . the switching generally occurs approximately 15,000 miles . after the ordinary break in of your engine . ( their is a entire nother responses to that if you have questions about engine break - in ) otherwise the lubricating was just too much lubricating and can leak out of gaps or holes in the link points of the crankcase .