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        Q: Can you use safflower oil instead of vegetable oil in brownie mix?
A: Corn petroleum IS vegetables petroleum so you 're safe . No problem . 

Q: Can i heat the Olive Oil for cooking?
A: Usually when something says cooking petroleum it means vegtable or canolaoil but olive petroleum is feasible to replace in numerous instances ; it willseriously change the flavour , although . 

Q: How healthy is it to fry with olive oil?
A: Desi - what the in the living hell are you 're talkinging about ? You 're completely and entirely incorrect . Extra virgin olive petroleum has one of the lowest smoke points out there . Wow.. I am not convinced I has ever witnessed anybody give such a incorrect responseing with such confidence . Maybe since it 's an advertising ? ? ? ? Idiot . IF YOU 'RE GOING TO KNOW ABOUT OLIVE OIL AND START A BUSINESS ABOUT IT , YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU 'RE TALKING ABOUT AND YOU PLAINLY DO N'T . AT ALL .   I would never , never shopping at your foolish store after reading something so flagrantly incorrect . You was just was endeavouring to get people to go to your website using yahoo answers . You are a shade ball .   Darlin , that person has no idea what they like women that talk about . You should not be frying with Extra Virgin and the `` anti-oxidants '' 've got nothing to do with heating resistance . Extra Virgin is KNOWN for not resisting heating well due to the particulate matter . If you required to fry with olive petroleum , solely used processed additional lighting . I truly recommend avocado like the firstly guy , the second guy is corrects two . DO NOT 's listening the other one , additional virgin 're not for frying and it looks to me like they was just was endeavouring to get you to go to their website .