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An onyx slab is a popular class of stone in the commercial market known for its rich colors and layered bands of light-colored minerals. One of the unique characteristics of this stone is its translucence, a property suitable for home interiors.

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Onyx is sourced from countries with limestone caverns, such as Afghanistan, China, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, Mexico, Peru and Türkiye. An onyx slab is cut from a larger onyx block extracted from limestone quarries. The dimensions of the slab can range from 0.60m x 1.80m to 1.50m x 2.50m. Compared to stones, such as granite or quartz, onyx is relatively rare. This rarity influences the onyx slab price. The onyx stone slab price is estimated to be on the rise depending on the type of onyx slab.

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Home designers use onyx slab backsplash for bar and kitchen counters and wall accents. In some cases, even as countertops. A backlit onyx slab further enhances the appearance of the stone because the light gives the material an added glow. Onyx slab colors include white, pink, green, yellow and brown. Businesses that source and buy onyx slabs aim to meet the rising demand from home renovation shops or design firms that incorporate this material into their design projects. The most expensive stone in this category is the pure white onyx, which is available only in white onyx slabs or blocks. The white onyx slab price is estimated to be on the rise since the trend of minimalism has taken the whole world in the blink of an eye. Onyx slab suppliers can provide guidance about the onyx slab cost to help meet the demands of home improvement specialists and interior designers that use this beautiful stone material in their design projects, be it a new apartment or an upscale hotel. Besides, these precious stone slabs could be quite delicate too, and all the connoisseurs can provide professional maintenance advice to those interested.

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