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There are countless types and styles of buildings and furniture to construct, but many of them have one thing in common--the need for OSB boards. Consider stocking up on them for all your projects, both big and small.

What is an OSB Board?

Invented in 1963, OSB sheathing is made from engineered wood strands compressed and held together in a sheet by an adhesive. In fact, the "OSB" part stands for "oriented strand board" because of how the wood pieces are positioned to layer and make the board strong. Though they can come in many shapes and sizes, including custom cuts, 4x8 OSB sheathing is the most common, along with 4x9 and 4x10. They can be as large as 8x24 if you order them that way. Nearly all sizes and types of panels are water-resistant so that they don't rot or grow mold. Since they're made primarily from small trees that can grow quickly, they're environmentally friendly, too.

Uses for OSB Boards

In both residential and commercial instruction, OSB plywood is frequently used as wall sheathing to prevent breaking, bending, or swaying. It can also be installed underneath floors as a buffer between the flooring material and the foundation, protecting the foundation from cracking and other kinds of damage that may result from years of foot traffic and holding heavy objects. Roofers may layer OSB sheets with foil and apply it to roofing in order to maintain proper insulation.

In the same way that OSB wood makes buildings stronger, it can make furniture more durable. Many artisans put OSB panels on the sides, backs, and beds of couches to keep them sturdy. Trailers recreational vehicles put the panels in the flooring for additional stability as well, allowing them to hold greater weight. Imagine all the ways that you could use it after buying some cheap OSB sheets for sale from Alibaba.com!

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