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Certain items have a way of making you feel glamorous, and an ostrich feather boa is one of them. If you've been looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe, this could be it!

What is an Ostrich Feather Boa?

Think of a scarf made primarily of feathers, and you'll know what a boa looks like.

Though feather boas were first created in the 17th century, they skyrocketed in popularity as symbols of posh luxury in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. With so many silky, colorful feathers sticking out dramatically, they created a striking aesthetic that deviated from the more conservative fashion norms of the time period. Many entertainers also incorporated large feather boas into their shows or public personas. Nowadays, boas like these still suggest that the wearer has a flamboyant personality or extravagant tastes. Ostrich feathers have always been a popular choice for boas, but marabou, chandelle, and turkey feathers are also common. All these birds produce thin, soft feathers that look beautiful and are comfortable against the skin.

Uses for Ostrich Feather Boas

The most obvious way to use an ostrich feather boa is to wear it around your own neck or shoulders anytime you want to express self-confidence or exuberance--or if you simply love turning heads. However, they are versatile enough to be applied in other ways. For example, consider sewing one around the edge of a skirt or dress, or on the sleeves of a shirt. You could even cut it up and attach pieces to your shoes or sandals. Use feather boas for crafts and decorations, like banister garlands, window trim, or filler for a glass vase. Buy a bunch of cheap ostrich feather boas as fabulous gifts for your loved ones for holidays or birthdays. If you're throwing a movie- or luxury-themed party, get feather boas in bulk as costume pieces or props.

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