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packaging box is a very useful accessory to have on hand when running a restaurant, especially one that offers takeout options. Such containers are also great for delivery services to carry meals in. Use a food packaging paper box to store a freshly prepared dish and keep it warm for the customers until they arrive to pick it up. Add a logo or text on the sides to help promote the business further, even after the sale.

Look for a packaging box made of simple, economical materials such as paper or cardboard. This will allow patrons to conveniently dispose of the container after use. All food packaging boxes are designed to be easy to open and close for both the employee's and customer's convenience. Biodegradable paper is often used to help keep the environment safe and reduce pollution. Buy wholesale food boxes with individual compartments to fit the main food item plus sides.

Find many food packaging boxes manufacturers online at Most are able to customize the package with a restaurant's logo or various colors. Simple, functional designs are also available when buying food packaging boxes wholesale. Get clamshell boxes for burgers or fancier packages to store confections and baked goods. Some can be wrapped or decorated easily and used as gift boxes.

Shop for the best packaging box options at a great price at Find some with built-in handles that the customer can carry home with ease. Get wholesale food boxes in large sizes to hold family meals or bulk food items or in smaller sizes to hold an individual item or even just a quick snack or treat.