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With modern developments in digitalization, many people are opting to have their information stored on computers, flash drives, or in the Cloud. But don’t let this fact discourage you from stocking reams of copy paper from reliable wholesalers on Alibaba.com. Even though there are some people who believe that digital sources could replace the pulp and paper industry, the reality of what’s happening is quite different. In fact, the pulp and paper industry has been thriving in 2022 and, according to the estimates, this will continue in the future.

Alibaba.com offers many types of reams of printer paper, including specialty paper, kraft paper, writing paper, and bond paper. Your customers can choose the paper based on features such as anti-curl, moisture proofed, disposable, greaseproofed, made from recycled materials, waterproof, or biodegradable. Plus, they can find special paper for their printers and copy machines. For example, paper for offset printing, digital printing, gravure printing, inkjet printing, or laser printing. The pricing varies depending on color, material, and features, but you can source copy paper boxes starting from only ~50 cents per paper when buying the minimum order quantity (MOQ) wholesale on Alibaba.com.

Reams of paper for home use:

You will always find customers in need of at least 1 ream of paper for personal use. For example, writers will always use paper for drafts and notes. Plus, a lot of individuals prefer using typing machines instead of laptops to seek inspiration and feel more authentic when writing. Another example, teachers and students are always carrying printed out materials with them, so they will also provide a consistent demand for reams of computer paper for work and school. Some doctors will carry out home visits for their patients, meaning they also need to have paper on them to write down the prescriptions. And last but not the least, families with little kids will always be in need of paper for school and art projects.

Reams of paper for offices and schools:

Office people will always need paper. They can easily go through 5000 sheets of paper very quickly. One of the most popular type of paper for offices is good old ream of white paper. Your customers can choose the number of sheets of paper in a ream for their convenience. Usually, the standard is 500 sheet copy paper in a ream. Your customers working in kindergartens or pre-schools will appreciate ream colored copy paper a lot. With this kind of paper, the kids will do their homework and art projects with a bigger interest.

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