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Paper ream

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About paper ream

A paper ream is a package of 500 sheets of paper, serving as a standard measurement used for bulk purchasing. When choosing a paper ream, businesses typically consider features like the size, thickness, and color of the paper before deciding on an option that suits their needs.

Key features of paper reams

Several essential characteristics influence the utility and versatility of a ream of copy paper. Ranging from the standard A4 or 8.5" x 11" size for everyday office use to more specialized sizes for specific applications, the size of the paper in a ream is an essential consideration. A 10 by 15-inch paper, for instance, could be ideal for large format printing frequently needed in graphic design firms.

The thickness of paper in a ream, typically measured in GSM (gram per square meter), impacts its handling and durability. A ream of printer paper often has a thickness of around 75-90 GSM, ideal for typical office printing. On the contrary, heavier paper, such as 200 GSM, can be found in a staples ream of paper and is better used for presentations or proposals that warrant a more polished touch.

A bright white paper ream offers contrasting text and colors, enhancing legibility and making colors pop. A paper ream box filled with colored paper sheets, however, can add flair and attention to publicity material or notices.

Benefits of paper reams

From imparting professionalism to offering usage flexibility, the benefits of a ream of paper are multi-fold. Quality paper projects a professional image. The reliability and consistent performance of a paper ream, such as preventing printer jams when used in high volumes, are key to maintaining the daily workflow of a bustling office.

Buying a 10-ream copy paper bulk pack, equating to 5000 sheets of paper, can provide significant cost efficiencies, especially for high-print environments such as schools or businesses.

Diverse applications of paper reams

From office printers to art and craft projects, paper reams cater to a wide array of needs owing to the diverse sizes, thicknesses, and colors available. Variations of cover stock reams are typically heavier and are mostly used for book covers, postcards, and business cards due to their durability and polished feel.

Bond paper reams are often utilized for professional stationery, while affordable copy or printer paper reams cater to daily printing needs. Ledger paper reams, on the other hand, are used in finance-related settings, featuring larger dimensions suitable for financial record-keeping.

These reams, containing the standard 8.5" x 11" paper size, are an office staple and accommodate the majority of day-to-day printing tasks. Explore more about paper reams and their diverse selection on!