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        Q: The sword is mightier than the pen?
A: solely within context of use ,  the pen reexisting laws , and governing rules , such rules authored by chairmen of state , controlling who usages the sword , or arms of armamentsry and defence ,   the Sword was in a sense the rule of the land yourselfcenturies ago , before organize intellect , the sword is the weapon of choice , is at present guns and projectiles ,   so in a sense both pen & amp ; sword , have been replace with texting and detonators ,  therin , the `` Text is mightier subsequently the Claymore '' ,  that being play on words of meaning from quote   The pen is mightier than the sword ~ verse by Edward Bulwer-Lytton  http : //www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/the-p ...   Claymore / Sword & amp ; C4  http : //getasword.com/swords-medieval-wea ...  http : //tech.military.com/equipment/view/ ...  .. 

Q: How will you sell me this pen?
A: The bestest thing in this instance would be began to off with asking what sort of pen the individual has already 's using . Then starting of with the specific features which u feel would prove ur pen to be better for eg : 1 ) Extra smooth nib made out of 5.9 tech which guaranteeds roundness and eventually smoothness . 2 ) Apt flow of ink thru d nib to get u in a flow . 3 ) Can not produce a blot under any circumstancess . 4 ) An offer for a new refilling for reverting 5 empty refills . 5 ) Good for coarse surfacing as well.etc ... We 's also thinking here of initiating a scheme where we shall be donating 50 paise forevery pen purchased towards UNICEF after we meet an objectiveing of 5000 pens sold . So u is also possible have helped towards child 's eductaion by just to purchase a pen . 

Q: What's a good pen name (:?
A: A pen name is an assumed name that a writer occasionally usages protecting his privacy or to segregate his working life from his private life . `` Mark Twain '' was the pen name of Samuel Clemens . ( He made no secret of it and even occasionally signed his letters to his mother as `` Mark , '' but other writers his so successfully behind their pen names that much longer after their deaths we did not know whom they truly were . )   A pen name is exactly one kind of pseudonym , or fake names . ( But it just does n't the connotation of an `` alias . '' ) A pseudonym adopted for non-literary objectives is occasionally called a `` nom de guerre '' -- war names . Then there exist the names we use online , for example on this website . I did not know what 's calling them -- perhaps cybernames ? Web names ?   Anyway , if you wish to open an enterprise and ceverything it by a name other than your own , why not ?