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        Q: What is the best penis enlargement supplement/pill?
A: They do n't work . If you have a micro penis or very few testes , you required to is passing through tests to discouragemine the grounds behind that . The grounds is feasible to hormonal or genetic or both . Based on the test outcome , a therapy of human growth hormone ( hGH ) or a mix of hGH and testosterone can rise the sized of your penis and testes . These treatments have to be done solely during your puberty ( adolescent years ) . All these ought to be done by specialists in the areas of endocrinology and genetics . Another way increased penis sized is surgery . But , a surgery is painful and can give you erection troubles . _ 

Q: How to increase penis size?
A: You ought to be happy with what you have .   However if you truly feel the necessity to rise your penis sized was later you should try out these :   Here are four very best natural penis enhancement techniques I recommend for rookies . Done properly and continuously , they should add closes to an inch or 2 to your penis in 6 weeks .   1 . Penis stretches . This the first is quite simple . Just take your flaccid penis and stretch it as far out in front of your body as it will go . Do it gently and progressively and hold it there for 30 seconds . Rest ten seconds between sets and repetition this at the very least 10 times .   2 . Jelqing . This 's another huge technique for rookies . Get your penis halfway erect , are applicable lubricating , and grip it tightly at the basis with the thumb and forefinger of one hand . Slowly sliding that hand up the shaft towards the tip , pushing as much blood into your penis as achievable . When you achieve the tip , promptly grip the basshall be identical way using the other hand and repetition . Do this nonstop for 10 minutes .   3 . Ulis . This is an enormous exercising increased girth . It 's also so easy and does not take a lot of time . Achieve a full erection and grip the basis of your penshall be identical way you would if you 're jelqing . Squeeze as hard as you are able without arousing discomfort . Your penis shaft should swell and your penis head should get largest and shiny . Hold for 10 seconds , then remainder for 10 seconds . Repeat this 3 or 4 times .   Do this routine every other day and make convinced you warm your penis up prior to each workout by wrapping it in a hot washcloth for 5 minutes .   4 . A larger penis is feasible to obtained with the u.s.ed of penis enhancers . There are multiple forms of penis enhancement products such as pills , patches and topical oils . However , one unique natural product that are able produce important result and makes used of the body is natural abilities comes just the shape of a fluid called `` super-vir petroleum `` http : //www.super-vir.com   Always remember , if you 're not satisfied with what you 're born with , it 's never too late to do anything about it ! 

Q: How long should a penis be at age 14?
A: The penis increase across puberty , and will to be finalizedly drawn up by the end of puberty . The timetable will be different from boy-to-boy , as each develop at different rate . Share to :