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If you are looking for wholesale perfume atomizers to apply go-to fragrance in smaller amounts via a fine mist, there is a wide range of perfume atomizers that are portable, refillable and come in various sizes and colors to fit your needs. Check Alibaba.com now for more options.

How to choose a perfume atomizer?

The first thing to look at perfume atomizer bottles is the quality of the material and the overall construction. Glass perfume vials are great because they preserve the fragrance well while at the same time are less likely to have a chemical reaction with containers that can affect the quality and potency of perfumes. Opaque or darker containers are an ideal choice for keeping perfumes longer. Considering glass is fragile, a perfume spray bottle is sometimes encased in an aluminum shell, making it better to withstand shaking, vibration and collision during travel. Plastic fragrance atomizers can also be made aesthetically pleasing. They will not break and shatter easily and are also lighter in weight.

What types of perfume atomizer can sellers find on Alibaba.com?

There are many different types of wholesale perfume atomizers provided on Alibaba.com. Perfume vials are often rectangular, square, or round like a bulb, but you can also find atomizers in more unusual or unique shapes. In addition, they come in a wide variety of colors, and many also include extra decorations like tassels or charms. Fragrance sprayers vary in price, but atomizers made of hand-blown glass or other unusual materials are typically more costly. Sellers can order bulk perfume atomizes with different sizes and capacity ranging from 2ml to 100ml. Small and mini perfume atomizers are always preferred for traveling. Vintage crystal perfume spray bottles and purse size perfume atomizers are also available on Alibaba.com.

How does a perfume atomizer work?

Perfume atomizers have a bottle with a tube connected to a nozzle. When the nozzle is pressed, it releases a small amount of spray. Sprayer mix oxygen and liquid perfume to create a fine mist and a small amount of perfume. Perfume atomizers or sprayers are popular on the market for applying perfume both conveniently and easily. Sellers can find great partners on Alibaba.com and get the ideal products for their customers at competitive prices!

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