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After the mixture with the pesticide solution at the certain proportion, it can lower the contact angel between the spray and foliage, which can enlarge the coverage of the spray. Feature Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent RH-208 has super spreading and penetrating property, high-efficient systemic and conduction property, and tolerance property of rainfall. It is advised that when using Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent, the water amount reduced to 1/2 of the normal (suggested) or 2/3, average pesticide usage reduced to 70-80% of the normal.

Pesticide improve adjuvant organic silicon adjuvant Surfactant Product Name Silicone surfactant adjuvants for agricultural application (super spreading surfactant) Item No. 27306-78-1 Appearance Clear, little yellow liquid Main Ingredient Silicone Freezing point < -1 °C Cloud Point( 1 % Wt) <10°C Specific Tension (0.1% aq.) 19 .0 -2 3 . 0 mN/m Viscosity (25 ℃ ) 10 - 60 cSt Active Content 100% Solubility Dispersible in water Function Spreading, penetrating Superiority Quickly and thoroughly enhance the agro-chemical’s penetrability, dispersity, absorption, transportion on the plant.

Isoprocarb is a contact-acting and systemic insecticide. It is a pesticide with contact and stomach toxicity. It has a quick-acting and short-lasting effect.

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It can be used to produce coil, aerosol preparation and mats etc. Type and Method of Application: pesticide mats, coils and liquid emanators. It is also widely used in solutions designed for aerosols, and in the formulation of liquid pesticides.

Ø Increase crop resistance to adverse conditions like drought, frost, and disease. Ø Have double efficacy of pesticide and fertilizer. Ø Increase crop resistance to adverse conditions like drought, frost, and disease.

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