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Q:How to order the products9 You can send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number. If possible please attach one reference picture to avoid any misunderstanding or any links fromour website for we get a better understanding. 1) the size of the tricone bit 2) the IADC tooth model, like 537G 3) PLs tell the drilling information of the layer.

Temperature control system : to make sure the crude petroleum oil transformed into gasoline and diesel. 3 Direct ly heating with fuel or gas , which is safe, convenien t , practical , and environmental-friendly . 8 Mini Oil Refinery/Small Scale Crude Petroleum Manufacturing Machine is safe, reliable and very durable .

Energy saving 1. Perfect pyrolysis reactor inslulating cover to prevent heat loss, reduce heating time 2. Flammable gas recycled to the furnace for second burning to save your heating fuel. And Our integrity cooling device is designed to meet 40HQ size and it is easy to ship and move the site place. We will provide the most reliable, safest way for transportation, in order to make machine arrived destination timely.

PDC Drag Bit: Drilling soft formation, save cost, longtime usage than normal drag bits, and suitable for mud clay and sandstone formation; 3). Are you Manufacture or Factory9 Yes we are and from Hejian City Cangzhou city Hebei Province China. With professional producing technology and honest management, JW people will create brilliant future with new and old customers together.

Product Name:Guide Shoe Guide shoe are essential conventional accessories for sbustructure of casing string. The guide shoe is a kind of casing shoe or coupling which can produce buoyancy. With advantages of high temperature resistance, good sealing feature and east connection, they can be used to replace guide shoe or casing shoe.

As a Good supplier in China ,We main produce distillation plant and waste tyre pyrolysis to oil machine. The constant pressure device adopts water circulating, greatly improving the safety of the whole system. C. Heating system uses hot air heating process in order to not only improve the safety performance of the production, but also improve the heating efficiency E.

Shengji began to manufacture tube pump in the 1960s and we are a main pump supplier in China. At Shengji, we manufacture these pumps according to different requirements of customer’s. Key Feature 1.Tube pump can be pulled out from the well directly.

m 25814ft-lbs High Gear rpm 42r/min Low Gear rpm 6r/min Rated Operation Pressure 13.8Mpa 2000psi Oil. Flow 120L/min 31.7gpm Dimension:LxWxH 1580x900x850 62.2 ” x35.5 ” x33.5 ” Weight 750kg 1650lbs Products Core Value Contact Images Shanghai office: Room No. 200129 Yancheng factory: Nanjing road, Economic development zone, Jianhu, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China.224700

Operation 1.First step:It is to purify the oil and remove the waste in the oil first time. 2.Scond step:It is to purify the oil and remove the waste again to make oil more clean. 3.Third step:It is to remove the bad smelling of the oil, so to make the oil better and no smelling.

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Oil filtration allows us to turn contaminated, useless oils into oils that can be used in multiple ways, from heating to lubrication. A machine oil purifier could be part of an efficient recycling plant, repurposing waste products for new markets. Or it could be part of a power station, making sure that transformer oil is clean and suitable for use. Shipping, automotive maintenance, power generation - a whole host of sectors can benefit from a petroleum equipment. So check out Alibaba's wholesale range to find a filtration system that works for you.

If you need a machine oil purifier for industrial maintenance, our catalog features plenty of larger static and mobile units that are up to the task. This type of petroleum equipment is designed to replace the oil in hydraulic systems like cranes and lifts, where ensuring a steady supply of contaminant-free oil is absolutely vital. Filter by flow rates and size, and choose models that are as mobile as you need them to be. Our Chinese partners offer a huge variety of purifiers, so there's sure to be one for every oil recycling challenge.

Alternatively, we offer a variety of petroleum equipment models that can turn cooking oil into oil for multiple uses. These machines are ideally suited to sustainable industries, which keep emissions low by making efficient use of waste oils. They can use all types of input and generate large quantities of biodiesel to fuel your vehicles or for sale on the market. Whether you are recycling household oils, closing the loop in food production systems, or supplying transformers and hydraulics, our machine oil purifier range features the wholesale equipment required.