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3) Portable design, it can record any other place which convenient for you use the phone. 4) Automatic recording, you can press the “cancel” button to delete the phone recording. 5) Playback function: You can replay the last conversations when you are on the phone.

machine+imprimer+coque+de+telephone auto answer telephone KNSP-03T2J Applications: As Public telephone for indoor or outdoor, Taxi or bus stands or station, Highway call box, Railway, metro, ATM machines side, Tunnel, Port, Dock, Mines, Generation facilities. A good ideal telephone for use in wet or corrosive atmospheres DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency) Standard and SMART Analogue and VoIP-SIP options available Matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX systems Features: 1. Aluminum alloy die - cast body, Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant 2. Auto-dial phone without keypad 3. Magnetic reed hook-switch 4. Telephone line powered. 8. Handset integrity 9. Selectable 7 minute time out 3.Technical parameter Ambient temperature -30~+60°C Defend grade IP66 Relative humidity 10%--95% Atmospheric pressure 86~106KPa Circumstance noise less than 60dB(A) Sound level of ringing >70dB(A) Standard frequency 697. 770. 852. 941Hz Call transmission index (5KM)SLR<12,RLR<-1,STMR>10, output impedance is 600 Ohm.

2. Open the computer software,choose COM port and click “ online ” button,then you can see the working status of the device on the status screen. Action:can select skipping to the next process,send SMS,hang up Action parameter:when the action skip to the next process,this parameter is effective,corresponding parameter will be serial number of next process. When action is used to send SMS,SMS content can be set in the “ SMS content ” input box of current page, When the action is used to hang up,no action parameter are needed.

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All phone answering machine are built to be easy to operate, reducing labor and training times needed. Some versions can pour food-grade liquids such as beer or milk into bottles for future sealing. Most units work automatically so workers can program them and stay back as they work on their own. When installed on a factory floor, they offer greater efficiency to help save time and costs.

Shop for phone answering machine at Alibaba.com to find many helpful suppliers with a wide range of options that can be ordered. Choose just the right size to fit the intended workspace. Pick a wattage level that promises good speed and power without using too much electricity and driving up costs. Certain designs can dispense products in the form of powder or granules into nearby containers. Use these to package particular powdered food and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Search for phone answering machine on Alibaba.com and enjoy lower costs when working with various liquids or powders. Whether for use in food manufacturing or building materials, there are plenty of options to browse. Find a satisfactory brand that will improve efficiency for better overall quality in each final product.