About products and suppliers:

Shop for a phosphor bronze rod from Chinese suppliers on Alibaba.com and enjoy factory-low prices for bulk purchases. Pure copper has many uses. You can combine it with zinc to make brass or combine it with tin to make bronze. You can use a phosphor bronze rod for metal crafting in both domestic and industrial settings. Bars have a length of 300mm to 6,000mm, a width of 20mm to 600mm, and a thickness of 2mm to 20mm. Depending on your preferences, the dimensions of bar can be customized to make them smaller or larger.

Some bars are designed for use in electrical installations due to their high electrical conductivity. For instance, you can get electrical ground rods and lightning rods. You can use copper plates to make transformer components, PCB plug pins, and sockets. A phosphor bronze rod has bending properties which makes it ideal for making bus bars. You can get a variety of perforated bus bars with various shapes for making switch contacts in electrical installations. Due to its non-magnetic and non-corrosive properties, copper is also used in the military to make cartridge shells, naval vessels, and aircraft.

A phosphor bronze rod is also used in the automotive industry, communication industry, plumbing, welding, making water vessels, among other uses. Whatever size you need, you can get it from Chinese wholesalers. Enjoy favorable prices—based on the material, size, and purchase quantity. Make large orders for your wholesale business and get lower prices.