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A rolling paper, also known as a blank or joint paper, is a sheet of thin paper made from wood or other plant materials that are used to roll herbs for smoking. These papers usually come with a thin strip of adhesive along one edge to seal off the joint after rolling and have different attributes depending on the manufacturer. Sellers can find ideal suppliers who provide various pink rolling papers on

Materials of rolling paper

People may think that rolling paper is all made from wood fiber as any ordinary paper, but it's not the case. Many joint rolling papers available today are safety aware and are made with various non-wood or plant fibers like rice straw, flax, wood pulp, and flax. When pink rolling papers are made out of wood pulp or fibers, they typically have to be added with additives to keep them burning slowly. For those who prefer a more natural smoking experience, rolling papers made from other plant materials that don't require the same treatments would serve the purpose. Most rolling papers are thin and flexible, but sellers can also find some thicker rolling papers. Rice rolling paper is thin compared to papers made from wood pulp. Rolling papers can also come as bleached or unbleached. Make sure you get the perfect rolling paper for your customer.

Rolling paper specifications

Rolling paper sizes are usually between 70mm-110mm long and come in a variety of widths depending on your needs. Each paper size has its own benefits. For example, single wide rolling papers are good for rolling herb just for one person. Pink polling papers that are smaller in length and width don't hold a lot of herbs. If you are looking for a bigger option, a king-size paper would be the right one. It can hold more herbs and offers better ventilation.

The size, length, thickness, and type of glue used on the rolling paper will bring different experiences to people. Be it king-sized, small-sized, flavored, or made from flax, whatever paper you choose will create a unique smoking experience for your customers. Check them out on and get amazing bargains on wholesale pink rolling papers today!