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        Q: Anyone know what a pit bull jack russell mix would look like?
A: I would n't get a pit bull or a pit mixing for all the money throughout the world . I know are saying it 's not the dog but the proprietor but pit bulls have been bred to be fighters and I would n't want one in my house .  Jack Russells is extremely full of energy and our friends Jack virtually ran on the walls and ceiling For the firstly three or four years I do n't believe he ever halted running . Sweet dogs but so much energy you required to have a lot of time for long walks and play sessions and not have any health troubles that would halt you from doing this .  Pretty much any small dog is also possible a guarding dog you do n't need a pit bull . 

Q: When did Jack Aranson die?
A: the movie nightmprior to Christmas never goes into how jack skellington is dead , nevertheless he may have been a skelleton his whole life as are the remaining part of the city were born monsters and such . 

Q: When did Jack Bittner die?
A: Jack Colvin died on December 1 , 2005 , in North Hollywood , California , USA of complications from a stroke .