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Depending on your style and budget, a pixel tree can be a suitable gadget to ignite your Christmas festivity mood. You can set the tree at home or work. Besides, an outdoor pixel Christmas tree can create a nostalgic yet natural look in your garden. Occasionally, you can set a simple pixel tree with patterns of LED lights, flashes, alternating patterns, or even slow fades, depending on your preferences.

Components of the best pixel tree

A customized pixel tree art, combined with the proper lighting, can create a fantastic impression. But to find the right pixel tree, consider various factors. The lighting in the pixel tree is essential. Use 100 lights for 1.5 feet of string light, or double the lights for people who love brighter Christmas trees. However, to avoid heating, go for the Cool LED lights. If planning to set up one on the outside, contemplate finding an outdoor-rated pixel tree. Such designed pixel trees can withstand harsh weather conditions. Go for pixels trees that include well-labeled hardware and accessories. You do not want to guess the parts or nodes needed to set up the tree.

Some pixel trees have zip ties and supporting rods that fit well in pixel tree stumps. The Light o Rama pixel tree has an in-built computer-controlled setup, which enables the owner to customize the LEDs and nodes according to their lighting preferences. To be capable of syncing the tree with music, Purchase an LED musical pixel tree with RGB pixel. The elements can flash in sync with the music, producing vibrant lighting as you play your favorite songs.

What are the differences between LED and RGB pixel trees?

There is not much difference between the two. The LED pixel tree has integrated chips controlling one or more LED elements. These chips can either be combined or managed separately. However, their counterparts, the RGB pixel trees, have red-blue-green LEDs. These three bases are the most important colors to create the rest. The intensity of the colors determines the final color, and unlike the RGB-producing white pixilated Christmas tree images, a dedicated white LED can emanate a better tone. Such a tone can offer a better scope with the RGB’s chips to create different shades. The RGB+W is slightly expensive but performs better than the standard RGB strips.