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A pizza vending machine produces quality pizza similar to that in restaurants in about three minutes. Check out affordable pizza vending machine for sale at Alibaba.com and take your business to the next level with continuous supply of savory flavors and mouth-watering fresh pizza.

Pizza vending machine features

The pizza vending machine has an auto-timed oven and some robotic arms that make pizzas with automated cooking procedures. Advanced technology enables pizza cooking vending machine to mix a fresh batch of dough for each order and allows customers to craft their own pizza with their favorite toppings. Also, the robotic pizza vending machine may have a giant window that allows customers to view the pizza-making process though most may lack such features. Some pizza vending machine locations include the airport, schools, colleges, theatres, and other strategic places with lots of movements.

Pizza vending machine manufacturers on Alibaba.com have varied products and the ATM pizza machine price for each differs depending on size and features. The machine for pizza accepts cash or cards. While some produce fresh pizzas, a frozen pizza vending machine may contain pre-cooked frozen pizzas that get heated up and dispensed when there’s an order. Some smart machines like the pizza touch vending machine have a real deck oven, a grill, and allow customers to adjust the oven temperature, cooking time, and grill option. One can efficiently operate and clean them with easy portability for the ones with wheels.

How does the pizza vending machine work?

First, a customer inserts money and presses the button for the desired pizza. The pizza oven vending machine prepares the dough and once done and pressed, it spins around adding sauce and the selected toppings before moving it to a special oven to bake in less than 3 minutes. The robotics cuts and places the fresh baked pizza in a cardboard box and serves it to the customer, who retrieves it from a locker under the machine. The customer can use the box as a tray to eat pizza on.