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        Q: Will a moth live in a bee hive?
A: Yes they do ... that is why when you kick a bee hive jillions of bees come out and harass you . Beehives are gross . Just saying . new person : NO ! Monkeys lives in a BEE hive and bees lives in candle sticks . No severely , BEE hive = BEES . See the link 

Q: What type of bee can you die from a queen bee a worker bee or a drone bee?
A: A worker bee has a barbed stinger so when it stings the stinger , the poisoning sack , and parts of the bees intestines are pulled out arousing the bee to die . This does n't happens to the queen bee because her stinger is smooth and is feasible to pulled back out . 

Q: How does a bee hive work?
A: Bees work as a team so they get the work undertaken for the queen the females bee is the worker and the drone bee is the male bee.The drone bee does no work but the worker bee does all the work.But when the queen and drones are laying down they 're dying . also bee hives are made of wax from the bees abdomen [ bottom ] .bees make the hive of an issue of plant and turn it to paste to construct the nest .