It can be stopless in the course of production. It uses pneumatic conversion and strong-wind blowing. Among the prilling machine system, our company has developed this granulating machine of recycled waste film.

Waste material includes woven bag, film( rolls, loose, bundled ), agricultural film waste etc. All models are reasonable in design, easy in operation, convenient in maintenance with high output and low consumption . Q: How about payment terms9 A: T/T , L/C, we will produce the production after your deposit.

Machinery Usage 1 Automatic conveyor feed the material after crushed and washed or not large flim into the feeding machine. 4 Double stage screw extruder for plasticizing the materials and exhausting the gas, it is made of 40Cr generally. 4.We can provide engineers to customer's factory to help installation and training workers if customer required.

Product description NO. Name Specification Amount 1 Belt conveyer with metal detector DS40 1set 2 Pelletizing system Rationing feeding 1set Feeding for adding colour 1set SJ200/25 single screw extruder 1set SJ160/10 single screw extruder 1set 3 vertical water circuit breaker system 1set 4 Dewatering machine 1set 5 Vibration System 1set 6 Air conveyor system 1set 7 Storage 1set Hot sale Product Application Contact us Our Service Packaging &Shipping

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Granulators are a crucial part of many modern manufacturing operations, especially those that involve processing plastics for reuse. These handy machines are designed to take recyclable materials and grind them down into a fine powder. This powder can then be used to create new plastics for manufacturing, giving them a new lease of life and reducing the amount of materials required in factory production. So check out Alibaba's plastic granulators store and find a plastic granules to make your plastic usage more sustainable than ever.

A plastic granulator doesn't just reduce plastics in size. A plastic granules will also create pellets that are exactly the right format for use with moulding machines as part of a closed-loop recycling system. Various styles of granulator can be found at Alibaba's wholesale listings, including heavy-duty and smaller models, thermoforming granulators, and edge trim models that are designed to work alongside plastic extruders to minimize waste. Most work with PET and PP plastics, but some are even more versatile, with the ability to process PVC, LET and LDPE. Pick plastic granulators to suit your inputs and make sure you've got everything covered.

Find the right plastic granules with ease via Alibaba's wholesale catalog. And if you want to expand your recycling options even more, check out plastic shredders as well. Shredders can be a useful complement to plastic granulators as they can handle tougher input materials, allowing you to reclaim more scrap. But every setting has its own plastic recycling solution. Whether you want a central granulator to handle all waste, granulators to go alongside machining lines or shredder/granulator combos, Alibaba is the place to be.