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What is a plastic injection machine?

A plastic injection machine liquefies the plastic by heating it. Using a nozzle, the melted plastic is injected into the mold. It then cools down into solid form. The plastic injection machine has two main parts, a clamping, and an injection unit. This machine uses plastic to produce a wide range of items and parts.

Small plastic injection machines

Small plastic injection machines are efficient, cost-effective, and last for a long time. The model 150a plastic injection machine is a simple, easy-to-use machine. It is ideal for designing prototype parts. It fits well as an addition to any maker space. Model 150a plastic injection machine is perfect for home use and small businesses. Soft plastic parts such as soft fishing lures are injected into a soft plastic injection machine. It works perfectly in solidifying any liquid material.

Full-automatic plastic injection machine is compact and works with precision. Its systems are interconnected ensuring quick production. The cost of labor is low, while production volume is high within a short time. The plastic injection machine can use a variety of colors and materials. A 2-color plastic injection machine has two injection units. It can process plastic materials of two different colors at the same time. A 2-color machine is very efficient and reliable. You can reuse the material with very low waste residue. A desktop plastic injection machine is flexible enough to be carried around. It helps you to work comfortably and for long hours. The machine has different designs. You can freely make a choice that is fit for your work.

Big-ton plastic machine

A big-ton plastic injection machine is a high-speed one that comes in different sizes, depending on the clamping force. Big-ton plastic injection machine is useful when you need to make large plastic parts. It is also used to make many smaller parts at once without strain. Used plastic injection machines are a great option when you need a plastic injection machine but are low on finances. Used plastic injection machines are cheaper and therefore affordable. Find your choice of plastic injection machine for sale at