$10,000.00 - $400,000.00
Min Order: 1.0 set
3 yrs
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Sheet Making Machine PMMA Acrylic Sheet Making Machine

Sheet Making Machine PMMA Acrylic Sheet Making Machine

$48,000.00 - $50,000.00
Min Order: 1 set
Screw Design: Single-Screw
Screw L/D Ratio: 1.37569444444444
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Plastic injection machines are machines designed to inject molten plastic into moulds for prototyping, research and development, and manufacturing of plastic products. These machines are an important part of the manufacturing of a wide range of products such as automotive parts, toys, electronic components, and household appliances.

Factors That Affect Plastic Injection Machine Prices

One important factor to consider before purchasing a plastic injection machine is the price. Plastic injection machine prices differ based on the size of the machines, the complexity of their design, the brand, and the quality of the components used. Larger machines usually cost more because of the number of components that are used in their manufacture. Also, these large machines may be complex in nature with additional sensors, controllers, and automation features that drive the price up. Brands with a reputation for quality usually charge more for their plastic injection machines because they make use of high-quality components like servo motors and high-precision sensors that are more expensive than inferior components.

Types of Plastic Injection Machines

There are 4 major types of plastic injection machines which include hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, and hybrid plastic injection machines. The oldest and most common types of plastic injection machines are hydraulic plastic injection machines. The moulds in these machines are moved through hydraulic power and then the plastic is injected into the mould. Hydraulic plastic injection machines are reliable and they also have high production rates. However, they are less precise and they are also the least energy-efficient option among others.

Mechanical plastic injection machines usually require human input. These machines make use of a toggle system and clamps. The clamps are tightened so that they do not open up due to pressure during the injection process. This machine is highly mechanical and may result in the flashing of the plastic material if it is not properly operated. On the other hand, Electric plastic injection machines are more energy-efficient as they make use of electric motors to power the mould and inject the molten plastic into the mould. However, fully electric machines are the most expensive option in the marketplace. You can also find Hybrid plastic injection machines in marketplaces. These machines are a combination of the features of both electric and hydraulic plastic injection machines. Typically, hybrid plastic injection machines have electric motors for the mould and hydraulic power for the injection process.

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