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        Q: When installing base kitchen cabinets can you install over an electrical outlet?
A: The cost of installing kitchen cabinets depending on various factors . Kitchen Cabinet Cost Non-discounted retail cost of common , mid-grade wood cabinet . 1 cabinet $ 193.44 to $ 288.32 Kitchen Cabinet Labor Direct labour expenditure of install kitchen cabinets . Includesplanning , job equipment and material acquisition , area preparation , setup and cleaning . 2 hrs $ 58.58 to $ 132.71 Kitchen Cabinet Job Materials and Supplies Cost of supplies that were likely be a need to be installed kitchen cabinetsincluding : fasteners , connectors , surface preparation and finishingmaterials . 1 cabinet $ 20.00 to $ 25.00 

Q: Alternative to cabinet doors in Kitchen?
A: Your very bestest betting is to eliminate all the finishing on the doors . To just lightly sand and re-stain wo n't give you the dark colour you are 're looking for and the new finishing may not adhere extremely well . You can sand it totally off , or use a stripper and light sanding to get down to bare wood .   Check at the shop wherever you 're purchased the stain and they were able help advise .   Good Luck . 

Q: New kitchen cabinet....?
A: There are are a few of things you could do yourself .   The easiest is to paint them . Clean them with a good household cleaner , sand them with 180 paper , prime them , sand with either 180 or 220 paper was later paint them . If they required a 2nd coat , sand , wipe cleansing and paintings . Of course , you have to get your landowner 's permits to do this .   If they just need a good cleansing , use a degreaser , sand with a XX or XXXX steel wool . If they look good , with the exception for swirls from the steel wool was later put a coat or two of polyurethane or Polycrylic .   If its more than cleansing you will have to strip the cabinets . By a gallon of stripper and follow instructions . Once cabinets are stripped , stain and poly , or only poly if you wish the color .   Of course , whatever you do to the cabinet doors you 'll have to do to the frames as well .   Hope this assistances ,   Alan