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Over the years, plastic skids and heavy duty plastic pallets have become indispensable tools in the production line of wholesalers. Any customer or company that requires moving, storing, product handling, and shipping loads using export pallets can attest to this.

Why choose plastic pallets?

Equipping yourself with plastic pallets for sale in bulk is common to optimize the flow of goods. Indeed, logistics requires organization and precision while reducing costs, and under this philosophy the benefits of cheap plastic pallets are clear. With durability that outstrips that of its wooden counterpart by about 100% (5 years for wood and 10 years for plastic on average), their impermeable structure nullifies the humidity and pests that plague wooden pallets. Additionally, and equally importantly, their far lighter weight reduces export costs.

In addition, plastic pallets don’t get as dirty as wooden pallets, as reusable pallets are a breeze to clean of debris when made of non-porous materials. It’s clear why plastic wrapped pallets have become so popular in modern wholesaler markets. Not only are they more convenient to clean, but for those manufacturers for whom space is at a premium, rackable plastic pallets are available at supplier prices to maximise the square footage you do have with their stackable design at a lower cost. For those who assume aesthetics as part of their production line, blue, white, and black plastic pallets are available as well as others. Others who may wish to reduce their carbon footprint can purchase recycled plastic pallets for wholesale prices when buying bulk.

What are plastic pallets primary usage areas?

Due to its many inherent benefits, plastic pallets are usable in a wide range of environments. The most obvious environments are industrial production and logistics, however, any large scale exporter will profit from the facility plastic pallets provides. The agricultural and food industries benefit from the hygienic plastic material of plastic pallets, while the medical industry, due to its need for hygiene, also benefits from this area.

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