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Plastic pipe fusion welding includes several types of methods and procedures. In general, pipe fusion welding involves the process of welding two plastic pipes through heat and various types of fusion welding machines. During the process, heating and welding times may vary due to the use of different materials. When heat is applied to the polyethylene pipe ends, a permanent bond will be created by pushing them together with enough force. There are many different types of machines for fusion welding plastic pipes, and they all have their specific benefits. When choosing a wholesale plastic pipe welding machine, sellers should take the size of pipes into consideration. Pipe and pipeline welders undertake welding jobs ranging from small single-home plastic pipelines to the construction industries like oil and gas fields, the water industries and more. Working to connect new pipes or repair old ones, the right pipe jointing machine helps improve work efficiency and is a good investment. Sellers can find amazing deals on a variety of solutions for wholesale plastic pipe joining equipment for plastic pipe welding on Alibaba.com.

Methods of pipe fusion welding

1. Electrofusion welding is an efficient welding method to connect pipes. It works with built-in electric heating components and special fittings to create a consistent weld. During the process, an electric current travels through the coils, heating and melting the plastic pipe to form a joint. It is applied in on-site welding or welds in tight spaces.

2. Butt fusion welding is a popular fusion welding method for joining PP and HDPE pipes. In butt fusion welding, two ends of the pipes undergo heating and welding through a butt-welding machine, and then they are pushed together at a designated pressure.

3. Socket fusion welding is a common choice for injection-molded fittings. The metal socket heater heats the exterior of the pipe, and the spigot fitting heats the interior of the injection-molded fitting. After being heated for some time, with the heated tooling removed, the fitting and pipe are pushed against each other to form a bond.

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