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Plastic wash basin

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About plastic wash basin

A plastic basin is an open, shallow container used for washing or storage. Plastic basins are made with durable material that is lightweight and durable. Plastic wash basins have wide application in homes, hospitals, spas, and professional laundry businesses.

Why Are Plastic Basins Worth Buying?

Plastic sink basins are easier to clean than other materials like wood, clay, and metal. These basins retain their original appearance and allow for quick and easy cleaning. They can be cleaned with detergent and water. Some plastic water basins used in medical practice can even be sterilized in an autoclave machine. Large plastic basins are more affordable than stainless steel bowls. For those who are on a budget, durable plastic basins can meet their washing needs economically. Apart from washing, plastic basins may be used to store water, grains, and other non-abrasive substances. Many large plastic wash basins have impact resistance and withstand poor handling and accidental drops. These containers are also safer to use by children and homeowners. Plus, plastic bins are an eco-friendly option because they can be recycled.

What Are the Sizes and Types of Plastic Basins?

Plastic basins may be classified by the type of materials used to make them or by their size and shape. Plastic bins may be molded with different plastic materials including polypropylene, low-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, high-density polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polystyrene, or polycarbonate. Plastic basins are grouped by their shape. For example, there are rectangular, square, oval, and round (circular) plastic basins. However, rectangular and round-shaped basins are the most common. There are also standalone plastic wash basins with drain holes in the center. Round bins may be identified by size or base diameter. Many manufacturers make plastic wash basins with a base diameter ranging from 10 inches for small plastic basin to 22 inches for extra large plastic wash basin with a capacity to hold 3 to 33 liters respectively.

What Are Some Tips for Buying Plastic Basins?

Consider the purpose(s) you want the plastic basin to serve. Consider the amount of load it is going to carry. If the plastic basin is going to carry dishes, for example, it needs to have a sturdy build and strong edge handles for lifting. If a plastic foot basin is required for washing feet in a spa, choose a rectangular basin with a base that can accommodate the two feet conveniently. Also, ensure that the basin has sufficient capacity and depth to hold water if you need it for storage.