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The company mainly engaged in high-grade jewelry, electroplating products, such as: necklaces, crowns, hairpins, earrings, earrings, brooches, cufflinks, scarves deduction, rings, bracelets, bracelets, Zipper head, pendant and other products. The use of hanging plating operations, the standard clean production and provide electrostatic protection, color electrophoresis and other excellent additional technology to ensure that the product has a lasting decorative, anti-discoloration and wear resistance. We are very focused on allergic heavy metals (such as nickel, lead, cadmium) detection and control, and a number of international brands of jewelry companies and subordinate factories have perennial cooperation, the company has strict quality control and assurance system.

Item Plain Soft Wool Brush With Handle ,Polishing Brush Material Soft Wool Handle Nickel Plating Handle Feature Latch Style Flat Brush Usage Polishing Brush

Chrome polishing is an important procedure following chromium electroplating in gravure plate making. Chromium polishing can improve quality of intaglio plate. 2. we can make different models of chrome polishing machine according to customer's requirement.

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Install plating and polishing. from Alibaba.com in a factory and start producing metal items with durable coatings. Add plating to parts that can be used for automobiles or electronics. Using plating and polishing. will make each item resistant to rust and corrosion to make it last longer. Automated functions help improve efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and labor. Get one to make all kinds of important devices for a vast range of industries.

Use plating and polishing. from Alibaba.com to add chrome or nickel plating to an object and improve the overall durability. Gold can be added to certain electronic parts to increase electrical conductivity and prevent corrosion. Most machines are built with protection against short circuits and overloads. Maintain peace of mind in many situations, knowing the unit will keep on working without the need for frequent repairs.

Explore plating and polishing. at Alibaba.com and find different suppliers that can help with a multitude of options. Find the best size and wattage for a machine that will fit the plant without using too much power. Associated equipment outside the device, including the heater and temperature controller, is often included. Some models are portable and can be moved from one area to another quickly and without much trouble.

Look for plating and polishing. at Alibaba.com and find many options to make production faster and more significant results while spending less. Start building parts with an ideal level of strength and conductivity to fit a wide range of applications. Search for the best brands to get a high-quality machine that will get the job done cheaply.