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About products and suppliers:

We provide wholesale play seat of all types and sizes, in preparation of a child's growth.

Traveling with a child in tow has many considerations, including the type of play seat they require. In some cases, newborns need to be in a rear-facing car seat according to existing regulations. As they grow older, forward-facing car seats will be required. After they have outgrown it, they will need a booster seat until fitting the vehicle's seat belt stops being an issue.

For infants and toddlers, parents may have a tougher time getting them ready for the journey. The car seat and stroller combination, otherwise known as the travel system, combines the need for two items into one. Since most strollers cater to babies who are already capable of sitting up, they may not be helpful for newborns. The car seat stroller allows the baby to be transferred from the car to a stroller without repositioning them and risk waking them up. It is also a more economical option for parents.

As the child grows, there are two types of booster car seats to consider. A highback booster car seat or the backless variation. Both come without a harness. If necessary, we also have harnesses for booster car seats available.