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A polo mallet is an equipment of play that is used in polo ball games. It is composed of three parts, the stick, the head, and the handle. The head of the polo mallet is wooden and has a cigar-shaped head. The stick consists of a cane shaft that is wrapped with rubber around the grip area to prevent hand-blisters. The handle is made of a webbed thong, which is wrapped around the thumb. The polo mallet wood used to make the head is Argentine Tipa.

Polo Mallet Weight

The weights of polo mallets vary, depending on the user’s age, gender, and body weight. For toddlers, get a polo mallet that is up to 24”. It is light enough for their small wrists, and they can enjoy playing without getting hurt. Mini polo mallets are a great choice for young children too. They range from 18” up to 26”. The handles and the head are downsized according to the height of the owner. They are a good gift to children who love the game of polo and can also be personalized as desired. For women and beginners of medium build, 52” and 53” polo mallets are good. They are light and strong, and the head weight balances well with the handle. Most of them have rattan canes which makes them lightweight and resilient. Fibercane polo mallets are suitable for heavy weights, especially men. Its sweet spot is large and has minimal vibration, which is the reason why it has excellent performance. There are also bike polo mallets, which are heavy-weight and are a great choice for long tournaments. The best ones are made from a strong and light pole which can either be fiber, or wood. The wood used to make polo mallet heads is sturdy and long lasting.

Storage of Polo Mallets

It's important to store polo mallets appropriately for durability. One way of doing this is by obtaining polo mallet racks. They are a nice, wall-mounted setup where polo mallets can be displayed. It also prevents damage and warping that occurs to the cane due to humidity and heat. Special polo mallet bags are also available where polo mallets for easy and safe carrying. There are numerous polo mallets for sale on Alibaba.com

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