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The standard display is used as showing interface and the keyboard and mouse can be used to operate. One controller can control 2~12 fermenters at the same time and the fermenters can work at the same time. ZL03229738.6 2006, Patented for the automatically controlled reactor for solid-liquid reactions coupled with solid separation, Chinese patent No.

D escription of Jacketed glass react or Jacketed glass reactor is with double glass design, the inner layer placed with reaction menstruum can do the mixing reaction, and the interlayer can be added with different cold and heat sources (frozen liquid, hot water or hot oil) to do loop heating or cooling reaction. At a set constant temperature, the mixing reaction can be carried out in the sealed glass reactor according to requirements under atmospheric pressure or negative pressure conditions, and the reflux and distillation of the reaction solution can also be done. key f eatures of j acketed glass reactor 1. Integrated stainless steel tube , mobile frame structure, reaction vessel cover with 5 necks for re-fluxing, liquid feeding, temperature measurement, etc.

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Key Features of TOPT-100L Vacuum reflux condenser glass reactor polymerization reactor : 1. Three layers glass reactor using VVVF, AC Induction Motor. In the case of a part or manufacturing defect, the device shall be repaired or replaced free of charge under the terms of the warranty. 3. Beyond the warranty period, product problems can also be solved by our company, but charge component cost and maintenance cost properly.

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The glass lining surface eliminates contamination to increase product purity and allows an easy, fast and thorough cleaning. FHPEE can provide custom designs if these standard sizes do not meet your specific process conditions. Please contact for more technical data and dimensions as well as our products catalogue for your reference.

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