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Portable gold tester

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About portable gold tester

Why people test their gold

Gold is appreciated around the world as an asset. It holds value well, can be used as currency, and is a stable, beautiful metal. This might be why it is used to celebrate significant occasions, by way of gold bars or coins or jewelry. Some gold sellers stamp the karat rating on their gold, but this is not always the case. Owners of unstamped gold or similar precious metals may need to perform a gold purity test to assess its value. Even if the metal is stamped, checking if it is real gold with a tester can alert the owner if it is genuine or if they have been the victim of a fraud.

Types of gold testing machines

A common type of testing equipment is the xrf gold tester. Xrf refers to x-ray florescence (light), which is directed at the metal to measure its atomic energy level. Xrf testing is fast and non-invasive, and one of the more accurate methods of analyzing gold and other metals.

Electronic gold testers are another common type of real gold testers. These work by passing an electrical current through the metal sample to analyze its conductivity signature, and provide fast non-invasive testing as well. For compact, on-the-go testing, electronic testers can be produced in the form of pocket-sized gold tester pens.

Alternative testing methods

The scratch and acid test involves scratching the metal and applying drops of acid to it to identify its karatage. This is a fairly cheap option for users who do not mind damaging part of their gold. Gold acid tester kits should provide ample safety warnings and features to protect the user from accidental injury from the acid.

Testing gold and silver with a magnet is another simple method. These and most other precious metals are non-magnetic. If the tested article is attracted to the magnet, the user can immediately rule out the possibility of precious metal being present.

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