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Sawmills are an essential part of the lumber industry. Bandsaw mills are used to turn raw logs into boards, lumber, and other cutoffs. Sawmills that are available for sale on Alibaba.com can be either portable or stationary. Portable sawmills are small, self-contained units that can be moved around easily and often have a foldable frame for easy storage. Stationary lumber mills feature large motors and more powerful blade speeds that can handle bigger logs or thicker boards.

Circular Sawmills

Circular sawmills are designed to bring lumber to a desired thickness and width by passing it between two circular saw blades, one of which is fixed while the other moves back and forth.

Band Sawmills

Band saws are horizontal chainsaw mill machines with continuous bands and moving teeth or fixed blades. The speed range in large-scale models can reach up to 8,000 rpm with a cutting width of around 900mm.

Rip Sawmills

The blade of these wood mills is mounted on a rotating table that moves back and forth in a straight line, but can also be adjusted to make angled cuts. Some rip models come equipped with dust collection systems to prevent the debris from flying around.

How much does a sawmill cost?

Used portable sawmills are more affordable and usually cost between $700 and $3,000. For new bandsaw mills, the price varies greatly depending on the type and size of the machine. For example, a small-scale portable sawmill can be purchased for around $1,000, while a hydraulic horizontal sawmill can cost up to $12,000 or more.

Is it worth it to buy a sawmill?

Yes, it's totally worth it. For example, small businesses like farmers can use sawmills to cut down trees and process them into lumber, which they can then sell to other businesses to build houses, furniture, and other wooden items.

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