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Aluminium potassium sulfate Aluminium potassium sulfate is colorless transparent, lumpy or crystalline powder, non-toxic, odorless, slightly sweet and astringent taste, with convergence. Test Item Specification Result Aluminium Potassium Sulfate 99.2%min 99.51% Heavy Metal (As Pb) 0.002%max 0.0017% Pb 0.001%max 0.0005% As 0.0002%max 0.0002% Water Insoluble Matter 0.15%max 0.02% Water 4.0%max 2.51% Partical Size (160mesh) 95%min 96% Food industry:food fermentation,vermicelli processing,salted aquatic products,food preservative and additive. Chemical Industry:Water Flocculant,sizing of paper,Painting and dyeing of coating,drug,making of paint and leather,coagulant,processing of fiber board and rubber processing,Seed disinfection,Animal treatment and soil improvement.

PET film are paved in container before loading to avoid the bags from being polluted by container. Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer 9 A: We are the Sub-company of Kolod, in charge of exportation business. For some special products, please confirm with us before placing order.

Specification Item Alum % Al 2 O 3 % Fe % As % Pb % Water-insoluble% Class 1 99.2 10.6 ≤ 0.01 ≤ 0.0002 ≤ 0.002 0.2 Class 2 98.6 10.5 ≤ 0.01 ≤ 0.0002 ≤ 0.002 0.5 Size: 10cm, 7cm, 5cm, 3cm, irregular block Main Usages In Light and Chemical Industries: purification of water, paper making and glue spreading, painting, printing and dyeing, color lake and pigment, medicine producing, varnish and leather producing, fiber board processing fixation and membrane solidified for film, and applied in rubber, metallurgical and colored glass etc. In Food industries: fermentation of foodstuff, vermicelli or noodles processing, salted aquatic, foodstuff antisepsis and additives etc. In Agricultural Industries: seed sterilization and soak, to cure the sickness for drought animals, root solidation, germination, stem strengthen fruit plumpness and potash fertilizer spreading for some soil.

Quale Colorless, transparent, particle or crystalline powder, odorless,nontoxic. Easily soluble in water, and its water solution appears acid. Lose crystal water and become white powder on heating .

The food industry used as additive in general. Be sure to keep the package dry and free from contaminant. In the event of a fire, use water as extinguishing agent.

Molecular Formula:Al2(SO4)3 Purity:Al2O3 15.8% ,16% ,16.5%,17% Shape:Flake,Granular,Powder CAS NO. 10043-01-3 Aluminium Sulphate is one kind inorganic basic variety, mainly used for paper and net of marine pollution. In paper-making industry, as paper sizing agent with rosin and paper wastewater treatment.

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