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Our main products are pottery machine, rotational equipment and Rotational molding products. Pottery machine and the rotational moulding machine and products are 2 factory ,but the same legal presentive person. For the pottery machine we have 12 experences in this area .

3.Special refractory coating on inner and heating element to increase furnace life. 6.Over temperature protection and over-load protection. Synthe takes pride in our commitment to operational excellence.

51 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate and dwell time. Q Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities9 A Yes, cheaper prices with more bigger size orders. Q Can I send the sample to you to test the furnace before I buy it 9 A Yes, and the testing is Free!

• Built in protection for over-heated and broken Thermal couple. • Larger digital control panel for easy operation. 4.polyfoam filled inside the furnace and wooden carton package outside.

Ceramic oven description Ceramic oven is welded by steel and profiled steel. Ceramic oven is mainly used for annealing, normalizing and stress relieving of bars and tubes, forgings, large weldments and castings. II. We company has more than 10 years experience in research and manufacture all kinds of furnaces.

*The furnace chamber size can be customized;larege and small size all customizes as customers request. Our factory can also according to user requirements design and development and production of special type electric furnace. Do you have stock products to sell 9 Yes, we have furnace in stock like our standard chamber size list above for your reference.

Multiple zone heating technology can be integrated to maintain exceptional part temperature uniformity, and achieve heating and cooling profiles. Double-thermocouple control: one thermocouple is for testing furnace temperature, and the other one is for over-heat protection. 4). Regardless of the warranty period or warranty period, the furnace, such as failure, received a notice, we are committed to 36 hours to send to the scene to deal with.

Position the mould close to the furnace, so that the distance that you are carrying the hot crucible is minimal. Let the furnace stay at that temperature for about five minutes. 5. This implies that you are aware of the correct melting temperature of the metal that you are wanting to melt.

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Pottery kilns play an important role in manufacturing various types of ceramic and clay products. Equipped with high-temperature settings, these kilns help the clay products to perform chemical-physical reactions to achieve their shape. At Alibaba.com, shoppers can find a broad spectrum of electric ceramic kiln brands befitting their needs and specifications.

Whether they need them for DIY purposes, small factory setups or large-scale industries, customers can find highly efficient pottery kilns in distinct shapes and sizes. The furnaces are made of robust materials, such as aluminum fiberboard and recrystallized silicon that can withstand high temperatures, offering long-lasting durability. Some of the kiln clay ovens also have steel for added durability. The kiln chambers are typically made of superior-quality wire and silicon carbide that consume less energy and are eco-friendly. Some of the brands also offer energy-saving gas kilns.

Many certified suppliers on the site offer size customization of the pottery furnace chambers. These kilns provide optimal performance and are even portable. Masterfully engineered with a programmable automatic temperature control system, these pottery kilns provide users with ease and convenience. They are also equipped with good insulation properties and heat shock resistance, making them safe for operators. These sustainable kilns are easy to assemble and have a low maintenance cost.

Customers can browse through a vast range of pottery kiln products available at competitive rates on Alibaba.com. They can purchase the most suitable items as per their requirements of shapes, sizes, features, voltage capacities and more. These kiln ovens for pottery are available at amazing price discounts for purchasers who wish to engage in high-volume order placement.