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Whether looking to buy ceramic kilns for sale or brick kilns for industrial purposes, be sure to sock the right kilns for your customers’ needs. Find out about each category and what you should be buying here.

Kilns for craft:

Pottery kilns for sale are booming in popularity, with pottery studios appearing across the globe (but especially in the West). In today’s digital world, many claim to find relaxation in this slow and mindful craft, with this leading to growth in the sector. Find small kilns for sale on Alibaba.com to cater to smaller studios or home pottery crafters. Stock kilns to fire different materials, including pottery kilns, ceramic kilns, and glass kilns to give your customers choice. For those looking to craft in the traditional way, stock kiln dried wood types, for those looking to be faster and without access to firewood, stock electric kilns, or even solar kilns for those looking for an on-trend, eco, and modern touch.

Kiln furnaces for industry:

Kilns can also be used for industrial and building purposes, such as being used in cement plants and to cook bricks and tiles. This is also a growing sector, with the building material market expected to grow by a CAGR of 4.76% from 2022 to 2029. The most popular type of kiln for cement is a large rotary kiln, which works to create a controlled processing atmosphere and high temperatures. This type of kiln is also used to recover metal from wastes and to aid lithium recovery — two growing sectors thanks to efforts to avoid global warming.

Lime kilns, cement kilns, and other industrial rotary kilns vary enormously in price, depending on the size and usage. Find them on Alibaba.com for between $1000 and $500,000. Brick kilns, being smaller, can be bought for less — with large industrial brick kilns ranging between $2,500 and over $200,000.

Whether purchasing new or used kilns for sale, for crafts or for industry, you can find all kiln types for your customer at great wholesale prices on Alibaba.com now.

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