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Complete slaughtering line for 4000 Birds per hour 1. Chicken conveyor line 1 Chicken cage conveyor One set:3m 2sets Another:8m 2 Curved rail W:700mm, 2sets Inner radius:1.45m 3 Cage washing machine 500pcs/H 1set 4 Cage slop chute W:700mm L:4m 1set 5 Control cabinet DK-4 1unit Sub 2. Killing and Defeathering part 1 Overhead conveyor line 140m 1pcs 2 Constant temperature scalding machine All closed 1set 3 A Crude plucker CM48 1set 4 B Fine plucker JM48 1set 5 Chicken feed cutter 1set 6 Hooks washer 1set 7 Control cabinet DK-1 1unit Sub 3. Evisceration part 1 Overhead conveyor line 100m 1pc 2 Viscera chute 15m 1set 3 Automatic chicken unload device Clockwise 1set 4 Washing pool L=12m 1set 5 Control cabinet DK-4 1unit 4. Pre-cooling part 1 Spiral pre-cooler L=6m 1set 2 Spiral pre-cooler L=6m 1set 3 Dewatering machine(Water dripper) 1set 4 Control cabinet DK-4 1unit Sub 5.Offal cleaning 1 Offal cleaning tank L=4m 3pcs 2 Offal processing table 1000*800*900mm 10pcs 6. Parting(Optional), this part is used to cut meat to different parts and then packed them, if you need only carcass, so do not need these machine,only the packing tables. 1 Overhead conveyor line 80m 1pc 2 Dividing belt conveyor Belt width: 400mm,L=16m 4sets 3 Chicken feed skinning machine 1set 4 Chicken gizzards degreasing machine 1set 5 Package table 40pcs 6 Control cabinet DK-4 1unit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Robert Du 0086 18678437719 Zhucheng Wanxin Machinery Co,. Ltd email web:

Please noted: Exact lead time is based on details order ,please contact with us for the details information. We are not responsible for package lost or damaged during delivery if they are not insured. Q5: What is the return policy 9 A: 1. If there is something wrong with the product, please contact us in time .

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