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Power sprayers are devices used to disperse a liquid at high pressure, usually in the form of droplets or a mist. Jet sprayers come in all shapes and sizes depending on their function. For example, some high-pressure sprayers are meant for agricultural use while others are designed for industrial applications such as cleaning machinery parts or painting surfaces.

Agricultural Sprayers

The most common models are handheld sprayers and battery-powered backpack sprayers. Battery sprayers make it easy to apply pesticides and fertilizers without having to lug around gallons of water or gas cans. They're great for large-scale farming or small-scale home growing.

Paint Sprayers

These electric power paint sprayers employ compressed air to propel paint through a special nozzle, dispensing the paint onto any surface. There's no need to roll or brush by hand when it's possible to paint fences faster with cordless battery-operated sprayers.

What is a power sprayer used for?

A power sprayer is used to spray liquids such as cleaning products and insecticides. It can be used on anything from plants to household surfaces, and it can help clean up spills or even kill bugs.

What are the types of sprayers?

Sprayers come in a variety of forms, depending on the source of power. They can be manually operated or electric. Electric models can be either corded or cordless. A corded model plugs into an outlet, while a cordless one runs off a battery pack.

How far will a power sprayer spray?

A pump sprayer's range depends on its spray pattern, which can be set to a narrow stream or wide fan. The narrow stream will cover the farthest distance up to 30 feet.

Will a power sprayer work for paint?

Yes! A power sprayer is a great way to paint large surfaces, like walls. It's also convenient because it can be used without having to lug around a paintbrush or rollers.

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