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        Q: Is it possible to eliminate a 3-way switch and replace the remaining switch with a single pole?
A: Yes , it is achievable .  At the end of the 3 way you wish to delete , remove the switching . You will see three wired going to it . this includes not bare ( ground ) wire . For simplicities sake , let 's say it does n't even exist . The wire colours I 'll use 're for example purposes solely . ( ? ) Your colors of wired is also possible various . The screw colours on the three way switching will not be .  You will see one dark colored screw . Attached to it is a black wire ( ? ) It is called the `` common '' wire . It will either be the continuous hot or the switch-leg .  You will also see two lighter coloured screws . Attached to them will be a red ( ? ) and white ( ? ) . These are called the `` travellers '' . Take the black ( ? ) and red ( ? ) and twist them together . Cap them off with a wire nut . Cap the white ( ? ) off by himself with a wire nut . Install a blank covering .  At the other end of the 3 way , take the white ( ? ) off the three way switching and cap it off by himself . Now take the black ( ? ) and red ( ? ) off the three way switching and attach these two wired to the screws of the single pole switching . Install switching and covering . Oh , by the way , switched off the power before you begin . ( Yea , I know : Now he tells me ! ) Restore power . Hope this assistances .  Good luck in everything you do and may God bless . 

Q: Changing a light switch?
A: it is quite easy , can do it in just a few minutes . You can purchase the new switching from hardware store like homedepot . All you necessary is a screw driver   1 ) make persuade the power is off . Turn off the circuit breaker for the switching . If you 're not 100 percent which the first is the rights one , switched off all the power   2 ) remove the faceplate and pull the old switching out   3 ) remove wire from old switching and put it in new switch the black wire is hot , the white wire is neutral and the green or bare copper wire is ground .   4 ) put box in , screw the faceplate backup , switched on circuit board , and you 're done 

Q: Power Switch on BTX motherboard?
A: Okay to the bottom right of your motherboard you will see the front panel connectors . Your power switching wire is necessary for go to the top third and fourth pin as illustrated in the pic . Your power led goes to the top 1st and 2nd pins . subsequently the hdd led goes to the bottom 1st and 2nd advanced . Your power switching wo n't matter if you switch postive/negative etc . but for the leds you would require to make persuade the affirmative goes to the affirmative pin and the negative goes to the negative pin .