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Ball screw linear motion guide FLS40 linear guide is semi-sealer structure, body width 40mm, high stability,compact structure,versatility feature, suitable for normal working environment, it is convenient to use single axis or multi-axis to assemble easy functional usage robotic arms for kinds of industries. Mechanical Dimensions Effective Stroke L (mm) 100~1000 Overall Length (mm) L+199 Overall Height (mm) 80 Detail Picture Ball Screw Parameter Model No. Dia. (mm) Lead(mm) Accuracy Class G1605 (100~500mm stoke) 16 05 C7 G1610(600~1000mm stroke) 16 10 C7 Motor Spec Model Step Angle Flange Size Body Length Torque Current Resistance Inductance Rotor Inertia Lead (°) (mm) L (mm) ( N.

So we're confident that we will continue to offer professional and thoughtful services to our customers in the coming year and in the future. Then we will complete the production, testing and delivery according to the technical plan within the time agreed by both parties. 2.Model selection Before purchasing, please contact us to confirm the model no and specifications to avoid any misunderstanding.

100% Original Hiwin HGR15 linear guide and HGH15CAZAC linear block , Types of Hiwin Slide block 1.HG Serie: High assembly 2.EG Serie:Low assembly 3.RG Serie:Roller type 4.MGN Serie:Small small-sized 5.MGW serie:Small small-sized Application Grinding machine, milling machines, lathes, drilling machine, and comprehensive processing machines, discharge manufacturing machine, boring machine, line cutting machine, precise measurement instrument, woodworking machinery, handling machine, and the shipping device Features 1.High speed, low noise 2.High accuracy Low friction Low maintenance 3.Built-in long life lubrication. 4.International standard dimension. Details data Hiwin HGH linear guide photo Our warehourse Welcome to your inquiry and trial order.

There are two mutually vertical and parallel cross rail mounting grooves on the upper and lower sides of slider with four rows of circular arc groove on it. The special process of slider, ensured the accuracy of the slider and guaranteed for the long-term stability of machine tool accuracy. 4. Q: What about the warranty9 A: We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well to make sure the goods in well protection.

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About products and suppliers:
precise linear are an excellent choice if one is interested cost-effectively and efficiently to equip machinery to carry loads on a rail, no matter how big or small. They serve various rail profiles, such as round polished rods or flat surfaces. Moreover,precise linear are available in different sizes, be it miniature, microscope lens, or industrial size, for giant machines that bear several tons. On, one can find them in various designs and materials such as plastic-made, metallic, or square-shaped. One can also find anti-friction ones for the prevention of wear and tear.

precise linear offer more precise motion control than spherical bearings and greater rigidity for ease of movement. They also provide a large contact area, thus giving a load difference in the activity. The presence of deep grooves in their design ensures more important roller contact. Their plastic-bearing liners are enhanced to make them maintenance-free thus cost-effective. They are easily replaced as many systems are dimensionally interchangeable with recirculating metal bearings.

The precise linear on are highly effective due to their sliding feature, which drastically reduces system failure, downtime, and costs compared to ball bearings. Thus, they are resistant to shock and impact as it is absorbed during the sliding motion. It also lowers surface pressure; therefore, loads can be dispersed over a large surface area.

Look through the selection of precise linear at Their unique range is provided by certified suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. These products are double checked for quality and come with a warranty.