About product and suppliers:
            Accessorize your purse and make setting it down more convenient and hygienic with a purse hook from Alibaba.com. A table purse hook has a design that combines style and function, making it highly desirable as a gift purchase or a treat for oneself. You can choose from many types of pocketbook hanger at Alibaba.com. Some come in the standard round shape and others in the shape of a miniature purse or other designs.

A purse hanger works by having the rounded middle sit on top of a metal table, where several strong magnets hold it in place. The outer portion of the handbag hanger detaches and hangs down, the hook on the end holding your purse by the strap. Using a purse hook for table sitting means you no longer have to set your purse on the floor or on the tabletop itself. This prevents the bottom of your purse from picking up unseen particles as well as germs and bacteria. When you're ready to go, just pick up your purse and close up the purse hook, putting it back inside the purse.

There are multiple wholesale table hook for handbag suppliers at Alibaba.com, waiting for you to make contact. They offer high volume ordering at prices that allow you to turn a profit at retail, as well as customized purse hanger designs. Add licensed characters, sport team logos and more to make your own purse hook selection stand out. Contact a supplier through Alibaba.com and find out just how easy payment arrangements and shipping can be.