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A PVD coating machine adds an external coat to an object through a process known as physical vapor deposition ("PVD"). This coating technique involves vacuum vaporization of the coating material before it is deposited on the component. The coating made by a PVD machine changes the surface properties of the coated object. Using a physical vapor deposition machine to coat an object produces anti-corrosion, wear resistance, and increased surface hardness. That is why it is commonly used in the manufacturing industries where improved chemical, mechanical, or electrical characteristics are desired.

What are PVD Coating Machines Used for?

PVD vacuum coating machines are used in different industries and applications. In the automotive industry, parts such as the engine components, chassis, and interior trim are coated by PVD vacuum coating machines. The PVD coating boosts the durability of the engine and gives an elegant look to the interior. Home fixtures are coated by PVD coating machines for furniture to give an attractive and scratch-resistant finish. Faucets, door hardware, and bathroom and plumbing fixtures usually have PVD coatings. Also, consumer products like wristwatches, jewelry, and promotional items have vacuum coatings. In the medical and healthcare industries, medical devices and tools used by surgeons, dentists, and orthopedics are coated using PVD plating machines

What Process Do PVD Coating Machines Use to Coat Products?

Small PVD coating machines coat objects inside a vacuum chamber at a high temperature, which may be up to 600 degrees Centigrade. In this chamber, the solid material used for coating is vaporized. The vaporized particles flow through the vacuum chamber and embed themselves into the object in their path. For this reason, the object must be properly positioned or rotated for the coating to be effective and complete.

How Do You Select the Right PVC Coating Machine?

Determine the type of material you want to coat and the size of components you will coat. This will help you select a machine of the appropriate size or let the PVD machine manufacturer know how to customize it for you. You should also know the total quantity of products you will coat in each production cycle. Also, find out about the reputation of the PVD coating machine manufacturer before you make your order. Ask about warranties and the type of after-sales service and support the company offers.