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3.No chemical ingredients are used in process (environment friendly). 9.No chemical catalyst used in process (environment friendly). Variety of polymer waste material is suitable as raw material.

After finishing oil produce ,the temperature of reactor will be down, at the same time ,carbon black will be discharged automatically. Lastly, when the temperature falls to 100 degree Celsius, workers could open the door of reactor to discharge of steel wire. painting factory 2. Carbon black usage The plastic carbon black can make the fireproof bricks, the other way is can be used to build ways.

Advantages of pyrolysis machine Recover energy and value from waste in the form of fuel and charcoal Reduce plastic and tyre land pollution Eco-friendly recycling of plastic and tyre Commercially viable process End product is used as substitute to LDO/Furnace oil Perfect solution for Polymer waste management Raw material easily available Machine size and capacity Model Reactor size Weight Volume Space required Capacity Note XD/05 2.0m*5.0m 27t 22m 3 80m 2 -100m 2 5T/Batch 3batch/2days XD/06 2.2m*6.0m 30t 23m 3 100m 2 -120m 2 6T/Batch 3batch/2days XD/08 2.2m*6.6m 32t 25m 3 150m 2 8T/Batch 1batch/1days XD/10 2.6m*6.6m 38t 35m 3 150m 2 -200m 2 10T/Batch 1batch/1days XD/12 2.8m*6.6m 40t 40m 3 150m 2 -200m 2 12T/Batch 1batch/1days Model Feeding time Processing time Cooling time Carbon discharge time XD/05 1-2hrs 6-8hrs 2hrs 1-2hrs XD/06 1-2hrs 6-8hrs 2-3hrs 1-2hrs XD/08 2-3hrs 9-11hrs 2-3hrs 1-2hrs XD/10 3-4hrs 9-11hrs 3-4hrs 2-3hrs XD/12 3-4hrs 11-13hrs 3-4hrs 2-3hrs Oil Yield Rate From Materials Input Material Tyre , Rubber, Natural Rubber, Rubber Output: Oil: 45%-50% Carbon black: 30%-45% Steel Wire: 10%-15% Gas: 5%-10% Land Requirement: 150 sq. Meter with 200 sq. ft shed pyrolysis plant ITEM CONTENT equipment’s model XD-06 XD-08 XD-10 Daily Handling capacity 6 tons 8 tons 10 tons Door's model Semi-open door Semi-open door Semi-open door Structure Form Horizontal type Horizontal type Horizontal type Raw material Waste rubbers/tyres/plastic Waste rubbers/tyres/plastic Waste rubbers/tyres/plastic Material of reactor Q345R thickness 14mm Q345R thickness 14mm Q345R thickness 14mm Main engine rotating speed 0.8R /min 0.8R /min 0.8R /min Power 20KW 20KW 20KW Cooling Mode Water Water Water Consumption of Cooling water 0.2 0.3 0.4 Heating Mode Direct Direct Direct Installation Main engine integral installation Main engine integral installation Main engine integral installation Noise dB (A) <=85 <=85 <=85 Machine dimension(mm) D2000*L6000 D2200*L6600 D2600*L6600 Working Mode Intermittent Intermittent Intermittent

2. the whole tyre and plastics will be heating in the pyrolysis processing. The machine installation : We will give the foundation drawings to buyer after make the order . The engineer mainly install the machine and training your workers.

3.Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, eliminating the liquid water quickly 4.UK G technology by which the trace water that is show chain, such as dissolved water, can be removed effectively. Advantage: Comparing with the single-stage vacuum oil purifier, this machine dewaters, degases and removes the impurities more quickly, more completely, and makes the oils limiting voltage-withstand value much higher. As the bridge-type vacuum linking system, it is used for filtrating system as well as an independent vacuum power supply to vacuum oiling of power equipment.

What is the raw material of your machinery9 Carbon steel and Boiler steel . Can you install the production line and train our stuffs for free9 Yes we can. We'll send engineers to help you install the equipment and train your workers freely.

b) Oil reacting tank The first step to deposit the waste in the tyre gas to make sure the clearness of oil. h)Water film cyclone The second step to clean the waste in the air . d)3 parts to clean the waste in the gas,no pollution to the environment.

* can be further refined to diesel oil by distillation machine. * make fine carbon by use carbon black refining machine. Labour saving Auto feeder machine to feed raw material automatically , save labour and time.

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Purchase efficient pyrolysis machines. on Alibaba.com and get them delivered to your doorstep. With multiple, secure payment options and certified sellers, suppliers and manufacturers, you get a smoother shopping experience than anywhere else. These pyrolysis machines. are used for cutting rubber bales in a variety of sizes. They have multiple advantages, which is why they are used in multiple industries.

At Alibaba.com, purchase any pyrolysis machines. as per one's needs. Depending on their operation mode, these cutters can be divided into pneumatically operated and hydraulically operated ones. These cutters are also divided into four types depending on their productivity and size. The bench bale cutter is relatively small for small-scale processing whereas the slicing type bale cutters are larger and used for industrial processing. For larger processing, cross blade type and other variants are used.

These pyrolysis machines. have several favorable characteristics like better flexibility, economy, precision, and cutting quality. They are suitable for cutting both natural and artificial rubber bales and demand no manual interference whatsoever. Used in multiple industries such as polymer, tire and rubber, they're also employed in laboratory applications. They're relatively easy to use, with the operator just feeding the bales. After that, the machine cuts them into pieces of pre-determined thickness and size.

Whether it's for a laboratory or an industry, whether one needs to cut synthetic rubber or natural rubber, visit Alibaba.com and get the best pyrolysis machines. Select from a large selection of premium products with just a few clicks and choose from a plethora of premium products. For purchasing good quality cutters at great prices, there's no need to look anywhere else.