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Hence it is an ideal choice for applications in the wavelength range of 185-2500nm. • JGS2 (UV optical quartz glass) It is an optical quartz glass made by oxyhydrogen flame melting and is suggested for applications in the wavelength range of 220-2500nm. It is recommended for applications in the wavelength range of 260-3500nm.

ZCQ offers a wide range of different materials and different degree of precision windows. Also advises on drawings design and improvement to better reali z e product production and application. 2.With senior engineer supervise, we are glad to advise customers on pressure, temperature etc application and engineering questions.

2. Clean the quartz products before high temperature environment operation . 3. It is wise to extend the lifespan and thermal resistance of quartz products via continuous use within high temperature environment. )when employing quartz glass products in high temperature, which is made of acid material.

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Get high quality, durable quartz glass disc only on Alibaba.com from trusted sellers, manufacturers, and suppliers. These quartz glass disc are vital for determining the results of various scientific and industrial processes, so considering reliability matters. These plates are made using silica to ensure they are resistant to extreme chemical and thermal conditions.

At Alibaba.com, different types of quartz glass disc are available based on their thickness. The TIQP1 type has a thickness of 1 mm. The TIQP2 type is 2 mm thick, and the TIQP5 type is 5 mm thick. All these types are available in square and rectangular shapes and can function at temperatures up to 1150 C. This makes it convenient to find all the styles you're looking for in one place.

These quartz glass disc are used in various industries and have numerous semiconductor applications and optical applications. Quartz's unique properties can easily be used in processes that involve extreme chemical environments and high thermal conditions, among others, without deterioration. They can also be used in educational institutions, scientific labs, and research facilities.

Shop quartz glass disc at Alibaba.com for a wide selection to meet your needs, whether they're intended for industrial, high-tech or educational lab use. Trust that you'll find quartz glass disc with the exact specifications necessary to carry out your work. When you need reliability and durability, these can provide a strong foundation for results you can count on.