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Sturdy Wood Pet Cage Kennel Dog House Dog Crate Furniture With 2 Drawer

Sturdy Wood Pet Cage Kennel Dog House Dog Crate Furniture With 2 Drawer

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$43.97 - $78.03
Min Order: 20 sets
Shipping per piece: $30.86

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If you have a pet rabbit, it needs a safe, secure place to live. A rabbit cage (also referred to as a rabbit hutch) is used to house domestic rabbits. Most rabbit houses have a wooden frame with a stand that keeps the enclosure up off the ground. The floor of a bunny cage can also be made of wood or, in some cases, wire mesh. The material used and the size of the bunny hutch all affect the cost.

Indoor Rabbit Hutch vs. Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

There are rabbit cages of all sizes for both inside and outside the home. Because most rabbits are kept as domestic pets, an indoor rabbit cage is more practical for most people. Additionally, pet rabbits are much safer indoors. Here, they’re protected from potential predators, inclement weather, and parasites. Indoor bunnies are also more social, which is better for pets and family members in the long run.

Setting Up Your Bunny Cage

Whether you buy a mesh wire or wooden bunny hutch, you need to fill it with certain items to keep your pet rabbit happy, comfortable, and healthy. Paper, hay, or cardboard all make excellent bedding for a rabbit cage. Your bunny also needs access to drinking water and food. An indoor rabbit hutch should be well-ventilated to ensure your pet gets enough fresh air. If you opt for an outdoor rabbit hutch, never leave it in direct sunlight. Instead, place the rabbit cage in a shaded area to prevent your rabbit from overheating. Completely enclosed also need ventilation holes at either end to promote adequate airflow. Ensure that the rabbit hutch you buy is weatherproof, warm, and dry.

What is a Rabbit Pen?

Slightly different than a bunny cage or hutch, a playpen for rabbits is kept outdoors and designed to offer ample space for your rabbit to move around. Also referred to as exercise pens, these enclosures are made using wire panels approximately 2-feet wide. The height can range from 24-inches to 36-inches, ensuring that your bunny doesn’t escape. Rabbit pens are often kept outside where rabbits can freely roam, play, and enjoy the fresh air. Some pet owners primarily use an indoor rabbit cage but also have a rabbit pen outside to offer their bunny variety. Find rabbit cages for sale at that fit your needs and budget.