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        Q: Why do diesel engines last so long?
A: I expect the engine in my TDI to last thirty0-400k miles or more before it was necessary to be overhauled . How numerous cold starts the engine endures , what sort of test cycle ,s it handles , ordinary top RPMs , how much lugging , how much full power pulling , type of petroleum used , petroleum changing interval will all affect the outcomess . I knew two guys with middle eighty 's VW diesels that were up to two50k and 350k miles . Diesels have a long history of lasting longer , my father ha a 1999 Ford F-350 Powerstroke , and it ha 390k miles when we got get rid of it , we traded it in but im sure its still going today , and i 've seen a 2003 Dodge Cummins on Ebay with 550k miles so it everything depends on how u take cacircle of it . Also one of my family members was a servicing manager at a Dodge dealerof vessels and there used a cummins turbo diesel lorry that came in once and a whilst that ha over 900,000 miles on it without any rebuilding . He drove mainly highway miles between California and Florida providing automobiles . 

Q: How do you check engine light on?
A: You required to 've got the ECU scanned with an OBD2 scanning instruments . The lighting is on since there is an issue with the emissions system . It is feasible to as easy as a loose gas cap . The code that has been established will be collected by the scanning instruments . This code will assist to diagnos's the problem with that . 

Q: What will happen to the engine if you put diesel into petrol engine?
A: in this instance 1 ) the engine has some commenced troubles ( calorific values 're not high so you are able not use the engine without a spark plug ) . 2 ) itjust works poorly till it is run on high revs . 3 ) the emission 's more than normal and 's more smoky ... .. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Avijit n Gaurav