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        Q: How to receive a clearer FM transmitter signal?
A: Remove your automobile 's antenna . You going to be able to to pick any radio station to broadcast the iTrip through , without worry of competing signals . I have driven from Ventura , through Los Angeles , and all the path to San Deigo without first having to change the iTrip 's station once .  You required to 've got the comparatively near the stereo for the most suitableest sound . This should cooperate with any FM transmit device .  I wish I would have thought of this older simple trick are before my drive house from Macworld Expo are a few years ago -- even driving near/through comparatively little towns and cities my FM transmitter became essentially useless . This 's also getting more difficult to do , as numerous automobiles now feature mainstreamed antennas .  And http : //www.fmheroes Really good . 

Q: How was it possible to send a message using radio waves?
A: -- microwave cook oven -- garage door opener -- cell telephone -- household wireless telephone -- TV transmitter -- AM radio transmitter -- FM radio transmitter -- taxi driver radio -- bluetooth ear-thing -- kids ' toy walkie-talkie -- police-car radio -- fire-engine radio -- Sirius/XM transmitter to automobiles -- GPS satellite -- International Space Station -- airline pilot radio to ground -- ground controllers ' radio to pilot -- weather radar -- speeding radar gun -- ham radio transmitter -- CB radio -- wireless card in notebook -- wireless modem in the cellar -- cell tower -- pocket wi-fi device -- two-way pager -- any spaceship that we wish to keep in contacting with after it 's start -- cosmonaut in a space suit during a space-walk 

Q: Radio Transmitter App For Phone?
A: There are/were a few characteristics telephones ( like the LG KM900 ) that ha an intgrated FM transmitter . Did n't work too well , although ( okay if you are stand still , but needed continually retuning to find an empty frequency whilst on the move ) .   So no , there is no app that are able do that - you need the hardware . Either constructed into the phone or to clip onto the phone ( short searching found something one - no idea whether the shop himself is okay , but you 'll know what to search for following website/www.cellphoneshop.net/fm.html ) .