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Ratchet pruning shears are hand-held gardening tools used for precisely trimming and slicing branches, twigs, and stems. They boast an ergonomic design with easy-to-grip handles, which makes them ideal for long bouts of pruning. Ratcheting clippers allow you to exert more significant cutting pressure with less force, making cutting even the more challenging branches easy. Ratchet garden shears are a quick and efficient way to keep your plants looking their best. Whether snipping away deadwood or lush green vegetation, ratchet pruning shears make pruning easier and more accurate than ever!

What are ratchet pruning shears?

Ratchet pruning shears are specially designed to make cutting tough or thick branches easier by allowing the user to cut through the branch in several stages, ratcheting the blade with each step for a clean and efficient cut. Ratchet hand clippers typically have cushioned handles for added comfort and control while cutting and a hardened steel blade that can be sharpened when necessary. The best ratchet pruning shears often feature ergonomic designs that make them perfect for extended garden use. Whether you’re looking to clean up your existing landscape or create a beautiful new one from scratch, investing in a set of quality ratcheting pruning loppers will help ensure success with your gardening projects.

How do you use ratchet pruning shears?

To use ratchet pruning shears, you first want to get into a comfortable position when pruning, as it means less effort and fatigue during the task at hand. Next, you want to select an area of foliage or a branch that you'd like to prune off the plant or tree and place the blade of the ratcheting clippers against the plant material. Finally, squeeze firmly on the handles of the ratchet hand clippers until your blades make contact, and simply continue squeezing, steadily pushing forward until your blade has made its way through your piece of vegetation. Don't forget about safety measures–always wear thick gardening gloves to protect against sharp edges.