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Wicker rattan nightstands are a great option to decorate any space for economical pricing. Starting from less than 10 USD per modern rattan nightstand, you can offer a classy option to your customers. As social media influencers' lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular and attracting the close attention of fans, every detail of someone's daily life can become trendy after just one photo. Check their living space photos and you will understand why bedside table rattan or boho rattan nightstand are now in great demand on eCommerce platforms, and why rattan nightstand target is so in demand among furniture sellers. According to the market summary, the rattan furniture market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5% by 2026, which makes wood and rattan nightstand a great thing to buy and sell. While the purchasing price starts at 6 USD, the price at the retail market can surpass 300 USD.

Rattan nightstands for hotels:

Attractive and functional rattan night tables are exactly what your customers need if they are opening a new hotel and want to add zest to each room. Black rattan nightstand will catch visitors' eyes as soon as they enter — be sure to stock these for those customers who prefer modern design decisions. For more conservative customers, choose white rattan nightstand, as a touch of vintage is never too much. Stock rattan nightstands with metal elements, with antique features, and more - variety impresses.

Rattan nightstands for home:

Designers are now going further in their creative plans trying to find new ways to apply usual things in unusual variations. They want to amaze clients with such combinations as a rustic rattan nightstand set of 2 applied in a high-tech studio — so be sure to stock traditional and modern rattan nightstand options. Adding a vintage rattan nightstand to function as a coffee table in the middle of a modern LED-illuminated living room is a new trend in modern and young sophistication. Making a living space full of simple style and functionality with 2 drawer rattan bedside table is easy.

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